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  • Developer - 5 years (Mostly VR projects, 3 years Unreal Engine 4 (mostly blueprints, multiplayer), 4 years Unity, C#, ObjectiveC, 6 month iOS)
  • Team Lead and startup MVP Architect Designer at several projects for 2 years 
  • Producer / Project manager for 18 month in video production, television.
  • Advisor / Mentor for 2 years
  • GameDesign certificate
  • Marketing 2 years (Management, dirrect sales, 1 of them as sales team lead)
  • QA approximately 2 years (in IT - 1 year)
  • Entrepreneur (business plan, hiring and training staff, engineering, managing)
  • Web development and search engine optimization for 2 years
  • Video montage for 1 year
  • Musician for 4 years

"I have profound ability to understand customer needs: in project production, management, running business, training staff, invention and innovation."

"Any employee should understand company's product and strieve to evolve it."







Interested in

Growth in a team on new technology platforms or helpfull projects.

Will be a plus - communications with customer in English (Current level is Upper lntermediate)







UE4 developer, Team Lead (C++, but mostly blueprints)

July 2018 - now

  • Sharing experience in extreme programming practices with team members
  • Spreading Agile manifesto ideology. Step by step: Ideology>Principles>Practices
  • Facilitating team building
  • Optimizing a high load standalone project to mobile
  • Tech Lead (Responsible for tech side of the product)
  • Team Lead (Share experience and help members to find a way, where sollution can be found)
  • Optimizing a high load project to a stable mobile performance.
Learned from the experience:

Received first experience in UE4. That gave me a chance to compare Unity and UR4 engines. Also hands on experience developing educational product.



360Stories (mobile VR app)

Advisor, Unity C# developer

March 2018 - now

  • Creating architecture from scratch
  • Maintaning cross-platform device suppor
  • Tech Lead
  • Code support at the start
  • Refactoring and recreating core to crossplatform build support
Learned from the experience: I received some understanding of advantages and disadvantades of working remotely.



Stan's Assets

Unity C# developer (+ partly iOS developer ObjC, swift)

May 2016 - July 2018

  • Creating VR apps
  • Understnding UX main principles and implementing them in UI
  • Developing large social cross-platform mobile network
  • Developing analytics service for app developers
  • Developing Unity extensions
  • Communicating with customer to understand project details
  • Generating ideas to evolve product
  • Integrated VR to the existing mobile social network project
  • Developed UI for social network project
  • Developed Native iOS analytics plugin (client part)
  • Developed features for released Unity Assets
  • Developing VR project (UX, Procedural Mesh Geometry, UI)
  • Optimize UI, textures (profiler)
Learned from the experience:

I understood how quality products can be done, learned how to enjoy creating architecture and became aware of how products for proffesionals should be done.


Unity Logo

Unity Technologies

Unity Asset Store Publisher

April 2017 - now

Responsibilities: Providing usefull tools for Unity developers
Learned from the experience: It's my experince in producing a product for devolopers. With understanding that you provide a tool for proffessionals and it should be helpful and easy to use.



Apeilon (VR, mobile)

Unity Developer (C#)

February 2016 - 2017

  • Deveping mobile VR app (Live concerts in VR)
  • Creating streaming simulation
  • Optimizing 3D scene for mobile
Learned from the experience:

It was VR start-up, where I was the only Unity developer. For me it was an opportunity to gain the first experience in VR. Finding a technical solution to present a minimum value product when lacking recources and ideas.

The project won the price: 2-nd place at INNOTECH 2016.


C#, VR, video, Unity



Vvoss games (mobile, game)

Unity3D Game developer (C#)

September 2015 - May 2016


  • Creating 3d mobile game prototype with gyroscope input
  • Creating 2d mobile game (Runner)
Learned from the experience:

"Supperman" / "Mon Stones" (wrote AI bot for testing) / "Drunk"

First experience as a professional game developer. I successfully rebuilt a game from scratch when the developer working on it had quit and left no access to the project files. 


Logo 5 Channel

5-th TV Channel (Producer)

Producer Assistant -> Project Producer

March 2013 - September 2015

  • Managing Products
  • Handling technical part for TV projects
  • Handling budget
  • Capturing video signals from Internet
  • Provide nessesary data to journalists
  • Organize FTP transfer with other channels
  • Montaging videos, news
Learned from the experience:

I started as producer assistant. Learned something aboud video direction, and how TV works. During revolution in Ukraine 2014 there were a lot of videos and I did a lot of job capturing videos and some techniques to optimize processes. So I was promoted to Project Producer. 


FTP, QA Managing products


logo rehau

Rehau (Protchenko & Co)

Head of Supply Department

October 2012 - March 2013

  • managing supply (raw resources) department processes to provide non stop process throughout the factory.
Learned from the experience:

Advised and created alternative salary calculation system. Undrestood how important it is to be very meticulous.





TeamLead / Head of the direct sales sector department 

December 2010 - September 2012


  • Analizing sales statistics
  • Organizing daily meetings
  • Teach / share experience with my team.
  • Daily meetings
  • Strategy planning
  • Retrospectives
  • Progress analysis
Learned from the experience: Started as a direct sales manager. And as a person with best statistics was promoted to handle sector of sales department.



Funiture factory. First experience in dirrect sales, product support


2004 - 2011


 Dirrect sales, product support, web development


Background Experience (Leisure time)




Inventor, CEO, Project Manager

April 2014 - December 2014

  • Create and handle to business plan
  • Invent and evolve machines
  • Provide raw materials
  • Create marketing strategy
  • Hire and teach team
  • Sign rent agreements
  • Logistics management

Learned from the experience:

I created the unique machine for entertainment market. And received a lot of experience in stuff management and sales.




Junior QA Engineer

January 2015 - March 2015

  • Test case execution
  • Regression testing
Learned from the experience: It was my first experience working remotely and working as a QA


Jira, Firebug, MySQL


Bogutskaya studio

Web developer, designer, support

February 2013 - till now


  • Created website “” as self-educated using CMS;
  • Made CEO optimization for a web site's majority requests;

Learned from the experience:

Experience creating web sites


Adobe Dreamweaver, CSS, HTML, Joomla



Cubic Crystals

Musician -> Compositor

2006 - 2013


  • Audio production, pre-production, mastering;
  • Compositing music;
  • Composing music;
  • Playing instruments (guitar, bass guitar, drums, keys);
  • Created sound recording studio
  • (2007-2008) worked as a sound engineer at University

Learned from the experience:

Mostly guitar player. Composed music a lot. Pre-production and mastering to evolve plastic sound to warm pannoramic balanced product.


Adobe Audition, FL Studio, NERO Wave Editor



It is one of the first interests of every human. I watched and played in a lot of sport/desktop games as a kid and computer games were the TOP of my favorites. I have always been interested in logic of a game mechanics. Some of my favorites are: They Are Billions, Generals, Skyrim, Fallout, Cossacks (RTS and RPG for the most of part). Once, at student age, I disappeared in World of Warcraft for 7 months. Lately I'm in to CS:GO plus new games, to be in touch with trends.


It was my specialization at University. I feel lucky to have received the knowledge and skills that gave me an opportunity to build and implement my ideas. I have invented a number of machines, some of which are used for kids entertainment and artwork.

sales manager

My first full time working experience. I started as a junior direct sales manager and in 18 months become a head of the direct sales department in my sector. It was interesting to learn how to find a way to approach a client that is not initially interested in communication or collaboration.

I also gained useful experience of training. As a team lead I was creating daily meetings, doing statistics, personal education, group education.

electrical engineering

I am fascinated by it. Electricity is around us and the farther humanity evolves the more people depend on it. I tried to count how many times I got electricity shock... It's impossible...
Lately, I'm interested in electronics.

graphic design

I learned the skill when I was working on editing photos in Photoshop, which later was applied to creating my own mockups.
So now design and UX consulting takes a large part of my daily work. I discuss with customers their ideas and give feedback or share with my insight on them.


I was a musician for about 6 years. I composed music, played the guitar, bass guitar and a little bit of drums. I built a home recording studio and made some singles with my band there.

I used Fruity Loops Studio, the Wave editor, worked with pan, pre-production.

The main fun was playing with all kind of pedals, mixing them differently to receive really interesting and noticeable sound.


I worked as a producer assistant for about 1.5 years. One of the main responsibilities was to get data (video/audio) from TV partners and from Internet resources, which was not always easy to do.

Then I was promoted to producer duties. As a producer, I was responsible for making sure that all crew members are ready and set on stage and all needed resources for every project are provided.